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Guild Wars 2: The Collector's Edition

With the advent of role playing game genre, many people favor to play the games that allow them to adopt any character of their choice. Not only kids but their parents also seek interest in playing these online role playing games. Guild Wars 2 (GW 2) is the most preferred MMORPG due to its unique game play. The whole game play is in the hands of players. Generally this feature is only available in single player role playing game. Guild Wars 2 is the only multiplayer online playing game that accepts any action or command of the players.

This exceptional game play of Guild Wars 2 (GW 2) has been able to fetch maximum number of players. Seeing the increasing positive response for the game, Arena.Net has launched the upgraded edition of the game that is Guild Wars 2 Collector's Edition. This edition allows players to go through large maps to experience the real fun by playing the game online. Now, spending money to buy Guild Wars 2 account is really worthwhile.

For a fan of Guild Wars 2 (GW 2), this Collector Edition is really a treat. It is consist of some physical items such as 10-inch Figurine of Rytlock, 112-page Making of Guild Wars 2 (GW 2) book, Best of Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack CD, Art Portfolio and Five Art Prints and a customized art frame. Apart from all this, there are some digital items as well. These digital items are:

• Summon Mistfire Wolf Elite Skill: This skill allows the player to beckon a wolf pet for fighting the battle in the game.

• Miniature Rytlock: this miniature accompanies the character adopted by the player throughout the adventure.

• Chalice of Glory: This feature allows a player to unlock rewards in PvP. Progress of a player can be easily compared to the other through this glory.

• Tome of Influence: this gives a boost to your game play helping you to unlock Guild vaults and emblems.

• Golem Banker: This mechanical banker will allow your account storage from anywhere in the world.

Guild Wars 2: Key Features

Guild Wars 2 (GW 2), massively multiplayer online role-playing game, is considered to be the future of online role playing games. The new features added to the game set it apart from other revolutionary games. Developed by ArenaNet, Guild Wars 2 is set in the fantasy world of Tyria where separated guild that are heroes from five races fights Elder Dragons who have seized control over Tyria. Heroes from charr, asura, norn, sylvari, and humans are the best hope for Tyria. It is the storyline of the game that keeps captivating more and more players.

Build on rich experience, Guild Wars 2 takes the players 250 years into the future through pioneering gameplay. In actual, the game is redefining the future of MMORPGs. Here are some key features of the game that distinguishes it from other games:

• 3D environment: 3D feature allows a player to experience enhanced game play than the previous Guild Wars. Through this feature, a new story is told to the player.

• World-class PvP: PvP is quite common in other games as well. What is unique in this game is PvPvE, Player versus Player versus Environment. There is regular PvP feature as well as this one can also be handled.

• Exciting game play: high level players can transfer some of their powers to subordinate characters. Moreover, a player can decide who lives and who dies in the game. All the decisions are left upon the player making it an exciting game play.

• Action-Oriented Combat: With the help of environmental weapons players are able to roll away from enemy blows and then setting free spectacular skills and spells.

• No subscription fee: there is a fee charged for playing the game.

• Extensive Dungeons: dungeons take many forms in different plots of the story. They even branch into free-roaming explicable world.

All these key features are hard to be found in other role playing games. Moreover, there are pre-purchase bonuses offered to you, they are:

• 3-Day Headstart Access

• Beta Weekend Event Access

• Hero’s Band In-Game Item. Adds +2 Power, +2 Precision,+2 Toughness, +2 Vitality,+2 Condition Damage,+2 Healing, and+2% Critical Damage.

These pre-purchase bonuses can only be availed by few players. So, avail Guild Wars 2 (GW 2) account and experience the world of fantasy with add-on features.

Guild Wars 2: Digital Deluxe Edition

Guild Wars 2 (GW 2), developed by ArenaNet in Bellevue, Washington, USA, has a proven record of innovation and accomplishment creating online worlds. Many players can play this game simultaneously. This 250-person-strong game studio has been able to attract many players from all over the world. The key features of the game such as action-oriented combat, customizable personal story and innovative dynamic events have persistent effect on the mind of players.

As per the reports, “Guild Wars 2 (GW 2) is redefining the future of online role playing games”. In order to fetch more audience, ArenaNet has recently launched Digital Deluxe Edition of the game. This edition is much different from the standard one. Most of the online gamers might regard this edition as little different as they were accustomed to the common game play before this. But, change is also necessary. ArenaNet made the first move by upgrading the standard game play to the Digital Deluxe Edition.

Similar to the Collector’s Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition offers all these digital items to the players:

• Summon Mistfire Wolf Elite Skill

• Rytlock Miniature

• Golem Banker

• Chalice of Glory

• Tome of Influence

Minimum System Requirements

Once you avail a Guild Wars 2 account with Digital Deluxe Edition, you will surely have a different experience altogether. But, for availing this edition, there are some minimum system requirements, these are:

• Windows® XP Service Pack 2 or better

• Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2.0 GHz, Core i3, AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 or better

• 2 GB RAM

• 25 GB available HDD space

• Broadband internet connection

• Keyboard and mouse

If your system fulfills all these requirements, then only it is applicable for playing deluxe edition. Moreover, getting a Guild Wars 2 account has become much easier. You can easily avail a digital deluxe edition through online gaming websites. These sites provide you with quality accounts in much affordable prices. But before choosing a site, make sure that it does not prove out to be a fake one. For this you need to carry out a comparison and then choose the most reliable website.

So, if you want to play an online role playing game with spectacular skills and weapons, then avail Guild Wars 2 account with Digital Deluxe Edition.

Guild Wars 2 Redemption Instructions

Sequel to the Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2 (GW 2) features a new game engine that supports 3D environment. Fine changes can be seen in to the development of a character and the PvP system. Moreover, better lighting, animation effects, new audio system and cinematic engine makes it a more entertaining combat. Guild Wars 2 allows players to learn more skills while fighting with dragons and dungeons. In addition to it, whole of the game is responsive to player’s actions.

Guild Wars 2 is quite different from other traditional MMOs. This is the reason that the game is seen as future of conventional MMORPGs. Many players find the game meeting up their expectations. All these features compel a player to avail Guild Wars 2 account to experience the world of fantasy and thrill. There are certain redemption instructions for playing Guild Wars 2. All these instructions are different for in-store purchases, online purchases and PC downloads.

Guild Wars 2 Redemption Instructions for in-store purchases:

• When you Pre-Purchase Guild Wars 2, you receive a serial code when you pay in full.

• Then follow the on-screen instructions to create a Guild Wars 2 account and apply the serial code.

• Apply this code to your Guild Wars 2 account within five days of launch and you are ready to experience the gaming world.

Guild Wars 2 Redemption Instructions for online purchases:

• By Pre-Purchasing Guild Wars 2, you will get a serial code via email within 2 days of placing your order.

• Create a Guild Wars 2 account and apply the serial code.

• On release day, your game box and code will be shipped to you.

• With application of this code you are able to play the game without any interruption

Guild Wars 2 Redemption Instructions for PC Downloads:

• Pre-purchase Guild Wars 2, a PC Digital version

• Get the GameStop PC Downloads App

• Install & run Guild Wars 2 from My Games Tab

• Then by following screen instructions, redeem the code and you can begin the game play.

So, playing Guild Wars 2 is that easy. It does not require much time. So, avail Guild Wars account from a reliable online gaming service and experience a different world of fantasy and horror.

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