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Account At A Glance

    13 ilevel 397 Epics
    Full Set Tier 13
    Power: 8601
    Avg Item Level 392

$699.00 $389.00
Character Stats

Level 85 Male Human Warrior

Transferable To Any Server

Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold services

Armor: 39086
Dodge: 16.86%
Block: 62.20%
Defense: 0
Parry: 16.77%
Resilience: 0
Damage: 2601-3463
Power: 8601
Crit Chance: 0.56%
Speed: 2.60
Hit Rating: 176%
Expertise: 7

Level 85 Male Human Warrior

17 Level 85 Epics
Colossal Dragonplate Armor: 4/5 Colossal Colossal Dragonplate Armor

Colossal Dragonplate Faceguard
Guardspike Choker
Brackenshell Shoulderplates
Indefatigable Greatcloak
Colossal Dragonplate Chestguard
Precious' Ribbon
Renowned Guild Tabard
Titanguard Wristplates
Colossal Dragonplate Handguards
Forgesmelter Waistplate
Colossal Dragonplate Legguards
Bladeshatter Treads
Deflecting Brimstone Band
Signet of the Resolute
Lifebound Alchemist Stone
Indomitable Pride
Mandible of Beth'tilac
Blackhorn's Mighty Bulwark
Unexpected Backup

Item Source:

Health: 196997
Mana: 100

Talent: Protection,Arms
Power: 8601
Crit Chance: 0.56 %
Hit Rating: 176

Alchemy : 525 /  525
Jewelcrafting : 525 /  525
Cooking 525 / 525
First Aid 525 / 525
Riding 310%

Extra Mounts:  [Abyssal Seahorse] [Amani Battle Bear] [Blue Drake] [Blue Proto-Drake] [Bronze Drake] [Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher] [Red Drake] [Twilight Drake]

Extra Gold: 16000 Gold / 1500 Justice Points / 1200 Conquest Points

Extra Gear: Another Set of DPS Gear  [Colossal Dragonplate Helmet] [Necklace of Black Dragon's Teeth] [Colossal Dragonplate Pauldrons] [Dreamcrusher Drape] [Colossal Dragonplate Battleplate] [Heartcrusher Wristplates] [Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps] [Darting Chakram] [Fireskin Gauntlets] [Waistguard of Bleeding Bone] [Colossal Dragonplate Legplates] [Treads of Crushed Flesh] [Curled Twilight Claw] [Ring of Torn Flesh] [Creche of the Final Dragon] [Eye of Unmaking]

Another Set of PvP Gear  [Ruthless Gladiator's Plate Helm] [Ruthless Gladiator's Choker of Proficiency] [Ruthless Gladiator's Plate Shoulders] [Ruthless Gladiator's Cloak of Alacrity] [Ruthless Gladiator's Plate Chestpiece] [Ruthless Gladiator's Armplates of Alacrity] [Ruthless Gladiator's Plate Gauntlets] [Ruthless Gladiator's Girdle of Prowess] [Ruthless Gladiator's Plate Legguards] [Ruthless Gladiator's Warboots of Cruelty] [Ruthless Gladiator's Signet of Accuracy] [Ruthless Gladiator's Signet of Cruelty] [Ruthless Gladiator's Insignia of Victory] [Cataclysmic Gladiator's Badge of Victory]

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