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Alliance Shaman Exceeding Versatility

The Alliance Shaman is known as a class of spiritual leaders within World of Warcraft who are able to draw upon a number of different elements. This is an excellent class for players that have not quite decided what role they intend to fill in a group. There are three different talent trees to choose from in the Shaman class, Element, Restoration and Enhancement. Many players have found Shamans to be possibly the most versatile class in the entire game. Originally only available for the Horde, Alliance players can now choose the Shaman class as well. The Dranei race can choose the Shaman class.

A WoW Alliance Shaman is capable of delivering some very heavy DPS and is also very effective as healers. A Shaman can resurrect himself as well as others in a group if there is a Restoration Shaman in a group that has been wiped out. Having such a shaman in a group can make the game much less frustrating if a wiping occurs. Players with Alliance Shaman WoW accounts will be able to put some decent armour to work. Unlike most other spellcasting classes, Shamans are not restricted to only cloth armour. Once a player has reached level 40, they will be able to utilize mail armour.

In addition to better armour, Shamans can also choose a number of different weapons. The weapons available to this class include one and two-handed maces, one and two-handed axes, daggers, fist weapons and staves. Perhaps the most effective weapon at a Shaman's disposal is Their a chain lightening. This particular spell is capable of delivering some pretty heavy blows to opponents. Shamans also possess the ability to drop totems which can do a number of different things including draw aggro, stopping an enemy, or regenerating a group's mana.

A group that includes a Shaman will also be able to use bloodlust which increases attack power, spell damage and heals. Shaman WoW accounts are an excellent choice for players regardless of their experience level. Throughout the World of Warcraft there are different races and classes that specialize in different abilities, but none are as versatile as the Shaman class. This is an excellent class for players interested in mastering a powerful spellcaster or for players that want a character who is exceedingly capable regardless of the situation. With millions of users worldwide, World of Warcraft provides hours of immersive entertainment and adventure for gamers.

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