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    Legendary Cloak
    8 iLevel 574 HC Raid Epics
    Avg Item Level 575

$499.00 $329.00

    Full Set iLevel 522+ Raid Epics
    Avg Item Level 542

$199.00 $129.00

    Full Set iLevel 530+ Raid Epics
    Avg Item Level 541

$199.00 $129.00
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Alliance Warlock The Best for Soloing

Choosing an Alliance Warlock is a good way for players to level while playing solo. This class is strong, fast and incredibly efficient. Warlocks are masters of dark magic and demons. A Warlock can choose a demon as their combat pet or can sacrifice a demon in order to complement their spells during battle. The talent trees for a Warlock include Destruction, Demonology and Affliction. Warlocks can also purchase the Felsteed or Dreadsteed without being required to undergo a lengthy quest line. A WoW Alliance Warlock can inflict a lot of damage by using curses and AoE spells.

Groups can definitely benefit from the addition of Warlocks because they are capable of summoning group members that have gone missing. They can also provide health stones to the group which can restore vital health. Players with a Warlock WoW account can also summon a soulstone. A Demonology Warlock can also offer a demonic pact which can prove beneficial for an entire group. Gnomes, Orcs, Blood Elves, Undead and Humans can all choose the Warlock class. Although this class is limited to only cloth armour, the variety of spells at their disposal can keep them alive while playing player versus player or player versus environment.

A player interested in increasing the survivability of their Warlock may be interested seeking stamina in gems, enhancements and gear. Stamina is vitally important for Demonology Warlocks since the amount of stamina that they have will directly affect their summoned demons attributes. During game play those with a demon combat pet must watch not only their own health, but the health of their demon as well. Swords, wands, staves and daggers are all weapons that can be utilized by players with Alliance Warlock WoW accounts. This is probably the best class for any player interested in soloing.

One ability that is possessed by Warlocks regardless of their talent tree is Life Tap. Life Tap enables the player to sacrifice health in exchange for mana. This particular ability can prove to be incredibly useful during intense situations. Once a player has mastered some of the incredible abilities associated with the Warlock class, they will be able to deliver some truly devastating damage to their opponents. While Warlocks can prove very beneficial during group play, they offer players who prefer solo action the ability to level up incredibly fast. Regardless of the style of game play that a player prefers, a Warlock will definitely not disappoint.

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